GSQ Guiding Sheath System (with dilator)

Devices with 5 F Sheath Compatibility or smaller

The Micro Invasive Technologies GSQ Guiding Sheath System is a flexible guiding sheath and separate dilator developed to provide optimal kink resistance and pushability.

The GSQ guiding sheath is designed to maintain a small entry tip profile that resists kinking, yet still provides a large inner diameter to help with the easy introduction of therapeutic or diagnostic devices.

Key Features
Guiding Sheath

> Thinner robust walls without compromising support
> Radiopaque marker for enhanced visibility on imaging equipment
> Smaller incision and potential for fewer vascular access site complications (VASC)


> Small entry profile offers potentially better access to lesions
> 0.018" guidewire compatibility negates necessity for wire exchange
> Highly visible dilator shaft is manufactured with barium sulfate

Technical Specifications

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